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CANFER Certification

On July 7, 2021, the Canadian Government Gazette officially released the final version of the Regulation on Formaldehyde Emission from Composite Wood Products - SOR/2021-148, which will take effect on January 7, 2023.

From January 7, 2023, composite wood products exported to Canada shall meet the following requirements:

Formaldehyde emission is lower than the applicable limit

Get certification

Submit declaration of conformity

Formaldehyde emission limit of Canadian composite wood products

The requirements for formaldehyde emission limit of composite wood products in Canadian regulations are basically the same as those in the United States EPA TSCA regulations.

Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products RegulationsSOR/21-148


Emission limit

Test method



ASTM E1333


ASTM D6007

with Equivalence test to ASTM E1333







laminated product


Certification Requirements for Composite Wood Products

1) Composite wood products requiring certification by a third-party certification body:

• Plywood (HWPW), particle board (PB) and medium density fiberboard (MDF)

• Laminate products must also be certified

• Laminated products with non-formaldehyde adhesive or phenolic adhesive for veneer, only the core plate needs certification

2) Certification approved by Canada

• Recognize EPA TSCA Title VI certification

• CANFER certification in Canada

3) The manufacturer needs to be continuously verified by a third-party certification authority to maintain the effectiveness of certification

Canadian Composite Wood Products Certification Statement (DoC)

The certified sheet manufacturer shall also make a statement according to the certification of the third-party certification authority

Statement content

• Name of the third-party certification body (or TPC number authorized by the US EPA)

• Contact information of third-party certification bodies

• Certified product type

• Certificate issue date

Label requirements for Canadian composite wood products

Composite wood panels

• the name of the manufacturer of the composite wood panels;

• the lot number; and

• either

(i) if the product type is compliant with or certified under TSCA Title VI, the statement “TSCA Title VI compliant / conforme au titre VI de la TSCA” or “TSCA Title VI certified / certifié conformément au titre VI de la TSCA” and either the name of the third-party certifier that certified the composite wood panels or the number that the United States Environmental Protection Agency assigned to it, or

(ii) if the product type is included in a declaration of certification produced under paragraph 19(1)(b), the statement “CANFER compliant / conforme au CANFER” and the name of the third-party certifier referred to in section 18.

Requirements of Canadian regulations on record keeping

Relevant information and documents in the records must be retained for 5 years

Evertrust is a third-party certification body recognized by EPA&CARB in the United States. Its laboratory also has the ISO/IEC 17025 qualification, which meets the requirements of the Canadian Regulations on Formaldehyde Emission from Composite Wood Products for laboratories and certification bodies. It can provide manufacturers with testing, verification and certification services in accordance with Canadian regulations.