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Latest News on Canadian Regulations of Formaldehyde Emission from Composite Wood Products

Date: December 10, 2021

On November 23, 2021, Health Canada held a webinar titled: The Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products Regulations, which further explained the new Canadian "Formaldehyde Emissions Regulations " released by the Canadian government on July 7, 2021.
Canadian regulations on the limit of formaldehyde emission from composite wood products are basically the same as those of the US EPA TSCA regulations. However, Canadian regulations have different requirements from EPA TSCA regulations in terms of manufacturer's self-declaration, labeling, and record keeping.
From January 7, 2023, import or sale of composite wood products containing formaldehyde are prohibited unless:
Emissions are below applicable limits 
Declarations of Certification are retained 
Self-identification reports are submitted.